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Originally Posted by Asad_A203 View Post
Awesome build. What are the temps for your GPUs at full load? I am thinking about going with either 2 GTX 590s or 2 6990s but I was hoping to do it with only 2 360MM radiators (or a 360MM radiator for 1 6990 and a 480MM for my CPU and the other 6990). Not sure if I can keep the temperatures in check though, especially with a Swiftech MCR 320...
GPUs are still on stock air with 100% fan bios mod.
Worst card (slot1) tops 94c and the coolest (slot4) tops at 61c
I wouldnt do a 590 if I were you. They are not good OCers.
If you want a 2 slot setup the 6990 will get you better performance and OCing at lower temps than the 590.
590's dont have enough powerphases to run high clocks so they have been known to go POP if you push too hard.. By all means if you want Nvidia go for it but just don't expect massive OC.
Swapping from AMD to Nvidia I have to say I like having control of SLI profiles again and heaps of AA options that you dont get with AMD plus the drivers install and run cleaner with less issues from what I've seen.
My last SLI setup was 2x8800ultras then went Quadfire 4870x2 x 2 > Quadfire 2x 5870 + 5970 > QuadSLI GTX 580.

2 Rads is only just going to be enough, and with the CPU in the loop your CPU OC will suffer a bit as water temps will hit 40c. My last quadfire watercooled loop ran GPUs at 50-55c max with water temp 40c. Thats with 2x D5 pumps and 2 x GTX 360 rads and the fans you see in my rig at 2000RPM. ( I have 2 loops with 2 x GTX 360 rads 2x D5 each loop)
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