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Default hd 6970 directcuII spikes and stuff everywhere...

I am having a terrible issue with my hd6970, it used to work AMAZING! i could max out Metro with 45 fps at 1600x900 with full AA and AF i could max out BFBC2 at 90 fps but now out of no where a few days ago my screen goes black, then i restart my computer and my asus MOBO flashes a VGA LED saying there is an issue on VGA. i restart again and it starts up. then i tried to play BFBC2 and i get.. well see for yourself i cant describe this horror story.. looks like everything is a necromorph with spikes and stuff.

this was recorded on my PC, i have 2600k i7 16 gb gskill ram 750 watts corsiar 80 plus silver .
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