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Originally Posted by Herrmoo View Post
Is your signature accurate? All that power wasted on 3 24" 60Hz TN panels? :/
I wouldnt call it wasted... ;) Not many games can be run at 7680x1600 even with this hardware, thats a lot of pixels to push! These are really great quality panels too! I've got 4 or 5 panels around the house and these are easily the best quality and nicest and easiest on the eyes for extended sessions.
Besides I don't have the space now anyway. I will probably upgrade to 3 x 27" 3D LCDs though which these cards will probably struggle with, thats twice the resolution that has to be processed in 3D!!

Here's some multi-monitor gaming from the last build, i7 950 + quadfire 5870 in eyefinity @ 5760x1080.

Both old IL2 and New IL2 Cliffs of Dover.

Old IL2 with a massive Battle of Britain Scenario.
20 x Mk.Vc4 1941 Spitfires
12 x Mk.1 1938 Hurricanes
28 x Bf-109 E-4 1940
18 x Bf-109 E-4/B 1940
28 x Ju-87 B-2 1941
28 x He111 H-2 1941
IL2 1946 Eyefinity Battle of Britain HUGE - YouTube

and (sorry about cutting the top of screen at the beginning, was trying to show the system!)
IL2 Eyefinity Video - YouTube

and the New IL2 Cliffs of Dover.
IL2_COD_Clip1.mp4 - YouTube
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