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My System Specs


So lots of debating and procrastination. I did change my mind on the case, turns out measurements should always be made in order to figure out if the case you want will fit in the area provided.

I currently have a Lian li pc-v352 (black) on order from Canada Computers. I saw plenty of good reviews and the case itself looks sharp. Though the wait for it is trying my patients.

They had two in their entire inventory. Figures I'd pick a discontinued case (just over a year old and discontinued, weird?) The first one arrived on Friday, but it was an open box...missing a foot. So back to the shop to order the other one in.

I also bought an Antec earthwatts 650W. I know it's a bit overpowered but it was on sale for ten bucks more than the 380W and same price as the 430W. I also know myself and I'll probably end up wanting to through a capable discrete graphics card in there to game. This PSU allows for a fairly robust card.

Still juggling my MB options. Going with a h67 or h61 like suggested above. Didn't realize the differences for intel's chipsets.

I just want to find a micro ATX with great features. USB3 (since I have two jacks on the side of my case) sataII (not too important but would be nice, so I don't feel I am buying old tech) 1xpcie x16 (I don't have any wish to run crossfire or SLI).

I'll have to add WIFI, Tv tuner (future plans).

Sound card? (I don't think this is required at all since every board I look at has at least a 5 channel realtek chip in it.
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