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Originally Posted by kruzn4evr View Post
Sweet rig Phat!....I'd be willing to bet you could easily crack 60k (probably around 62-65ish) by reworking your CPU OC, if you bumped your BCLK up and lowered the multi to take advantage of the 2000MHz RAM speed. My score improved by almost 5k going from 4.4GHz/33 multi w/133 BCLK to 4.3GHz/25 multi w/172.6 BCLK on a 980x with quad 480's and I'm sure there was room for more but I was happy with it at that point. Have a look at my numbers if you want "KKC Black Widow" w/benchmarks

Hi There,

Actually I already tried something similiar and much simpler, I upper the ram multi to 14 which got me pretty much spot on the ram spec of 2002Mhz without having to up QPI from 1.35v.

Seems Im currently limited by temperature as the GPUs are throttling at 98c on the hottest card.
So i didnt actually get an improvement. Tried tighter timings of 7-8-7-19 and no improvement either.

In my first attempts to get Ram at 2000Mhz with 200 BCLK I couldnt get the CPU stable but I might give it another go.

The coolest card maxes at 60c. Cant wait to see what I can get too when the GPUs are on water.
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