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My System Specs


All connectors are installed properly, 8pin and 6 pin to the graphics card, I have the 8 pin power to the motherboard, as well as an addition 4 pin molex to the motherboard that supplies extra PCIE power on the DQ6 motherboard, although thats apperently only required when your running crossfire and both PCIE slots taken up.

Fresh OS install,
latest Mobo drivers from Gigabyte website, chipset, etc the whole works,
Latest Vid card drivers for GTX 295 from the nvidia website for XP,

The GTX 295 is the PNY Version,

I tried different combinations of the PCI E connectors as well from the 750watt PSU but didnt make a diff.

it "should" work, I thought myself it should be ok as well.

I appreciate all input thank you

Also the system is freshly assembled, no dust or anything etc, nice and clean. I did test the GTX 295 in my main system to ensure it is completely functional after the issues were noted in the system I was putting together.
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