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Lot of good advices for yays/nays...BUT, some people are going into extremes.

Pick a GPU or a multi-card setup in accordance with your NEED. The need includes: which games you play, which resolution you play at, how long you plan on keeping the card(s)...WHAT IS YOUR UPGRADE PLAN FOR MONITOR (s)....

My 560Ti in sLI setup (on OCed P67 platform) is awesome at 1680 X 1050 (maybe even overkill), 1080P would be fine...but if I stick to 1680 X 1050, I probably can squeeze another 6 months to a year out of the cards...BUT it's gonna stay in my rig for at least 1.5 years....I'll refrain from buying a 30" ultra high res monitor...
If I wanted that I would've got 2 X 570/6950 or 2 X 580/6970....

Some people are cheapskates....they expect more and more from cheap review! It's the key...know the limitations, make an educated decision in reference with your income/spending plans for computer gear...

OP: You want to stick to a 24" (1080P) monitor...then, you could grab 2 X 560TI or 2 X 6950 1GB for about a year period...if you want to keep you cards longer, look for 2GB cards (560TI 2gb or 6950/6970 2GB)..

The GTX570 TFIII 1.28gb is a good option too...for SLI and could last more than one year...

The question is: what are your plans? Games? budget?
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