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My System Specs


It's likely crosstalk between some power-related line on your GPU and your onboard sound. My Intel motherboard does this while my older Gigabyte and ASUS motherboards did not. I tried three different PSUs to try to solve my coil whine issues with no luck, although all three are older models.

Did you try hooking up the headphones to the rear panel? I got a lot of noise through my motherboard's rear panel but not through the front panel, so you may luck out and have the opposite case. Also if your driver supports connector retasking, try your driver that you connected SPEAKERS and not headphones. Retasking the plug my headpones are plugged into as "Front speaker out" reduces the noise by a few dB.

If you don't want to switch components, can you move the 460 to another PCI-E slot? It looks like your M2E has another slot that you can try, although you'll take penalties in memory-heavy games. Another thing you can try is moving the cable that goes to your front panel audio connector around. Keep it as far away from the GPU or any +12V PSU wires as possible.

If you see my other post, only when folding my GPU and PSU squeal, so I'm not exactly sure what Folding does that Furmark doesn't:
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