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My System Specs


My 2 cents on faster RAM,

Whatever your ram choice is...If you are goinfg to run XP pro / SP1 or SP2 any ram greater that PC6400 had not been accepted/tested by microsoft at the time the OS was made, that means some of (MOST) faster ram is not in the Compatibilty catalog on the install disk.

A stick or 2 of PC-6400 for the install will save you days of frustration, if you are going XP. Install OS, Install Motherboard drivers then swap out your ram to the faster stuff.

The install errors included paged in non paged area, misc files not copied, all good until first reboot then HD error, No video, incompatible hard drive format ect.

4 different install disks, 3 CD-Rom Drives, 3 different video cards and still no joy until PC-6400 ram used for install.
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