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So you're resolution will be 5760x1200 and I'll assume that you want smooth frames and HQ textures. Good luck building this rig!! You my friend are in $trouble$.

1) Asus WS Revolution P67 + HD6950 triple CF is the cheapest option + 850W PSU Golden, or lower efficiency and higher wattage PSU.
2) GTX 590 SLI + 1100W PSU No comprimise in power, horrible value and noise
3) HD 6990 CF + 1100W PSU Same as above
4) HD 6990 + HD 6970 + 1000W PSU somewhere in the middle between the first option and the second&third

You will need an 8 slot case with massive cooling. Cheapest option is the Rosewill Blackhawk. Best one is the Silverstone Raven 3 with two 180mm intake fans, it's the air cooling champion. HAFX is a bit behind in cooling but much more user friendly, and the Inwin Dragon Rider is also a worthy option.

No matter which way you go today, You won't spend less than $1,400 on GPU, motherboard, case and PSU. You can't get less than an Intel i5 2500k CPU, and your rig will be pushed to its limits from the start and you will find yourself needing an upgrade next year to keep up with newer games. Better capable GPU solutions will be on the shelves in three months and will hold up considerably better and longer than this generation's cards. Although you can run each monitor at 1920x1200 as you said,the time for 5760x1200 has not started yet.

This year's cards and last year's operate on the same 40nm chips while the next batch of cards will operate on 28nm, that's two generation ahead and it's only three months away.

You can settle for a $260 Sapphire HD6950 2 GB Dirt3 edition and use one monitor and wait till December.
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