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Originally Posted by gamekraze View Post
Should i go for W2442PA or U2311h or PA238Q ? Hope these don't have bleeding and very minimal ghosting.
I am biased because I already had a U2311H and it was a dud after a few days.
At hard forum quite a few Dell U2311h issues(thread on it specifically),lots of likers but quite a few had issues and some jumped ship like me.
Based on that experience on IPS: Dell or Asus I would go Asus
check the stands for adjustement Dell is good check the Asus stand
Edit: Asus stand looks okay.
If i was getting Dell it would probably be an regular ultrasharp model unless i knew Dell's IPS ultra's quality to have improved.

For excellent price/value point, excellent quality and colour reproduction, great stand and money left over(very high value vs price) I would go LG's W2442PA
Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.
I am pretty fussy, its a great monitor and almost half the price.
I judge by the end result not by the technology and price
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