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My System Specs


Originally Posted by gamekraze View Post
Let me know which do you think is best and also my budget is between 200-300$.
Asus PA238Q
Asus ML238H
Asus ML239H
Dell u2311h

Please also suggest, if there any other good monitor apart from this.
Asus PA238Q is a Pro-Art monitor so it should be pretty good. The Pro Art series also come with a good warranty, no stuck/bright pixels. If you're Canadian the PA238Q seems to be a bit tough to find right now. It will also be factory calibrated, whereas most monitors are not, so it should have nice, accurate colors. I'd probably rate it as the best all-rounder.

The Asus ML238H is another TN panel with a non height-adjust stand. I'd take the LG W2442PA Tyreman listed over this one.

The Asus ML239H looks decent too. It doesn't have DVI, HDMI only but it looks to be a decent quality 23" IPS. Again, though the stand is not height adjust.

There is also the NEC EA232WMi which is an LED 23". The EA231WMi was a low lag screen good for gaming and had the unique ability to handle 75hz at 1920x1080. I don't know if the EA232WMi can do it too yet.

These monitors have better image quality than the LG W2442PA, though for a TN, this is a pretty good screen too. TNs have color changing from top to bottom even if you sit perfectly still at a perfect viewing angle. It's the nature of the technology.

The U2311H is also good but only if it's on sale for under $300.00. I think the regular price of $339.00 that Dell sells it for is far too high.

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