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Originally Posted by gamekraze View Post

Which would you recommend out of all panels combined (TN,IPS,VA)?
I like my sons Alienware Dell one
Its quite a panel TN I think
Its extremely good

IPS needs more perfection yet on QC issues,consistant product and lower prices
Dell has the latter lower prices but not consistant quality on them like their usual tn ultrasharp panels

As far as whats best i have no idea.
you'd have to ask an expert on that.

Some say va has slower response times,not as good or stable compared to ips,colour change on angle compared to ips others say it doesn't matter

Best judge each on the quality of the picture reproduced buy it, enjoy it.
If you get a good one of anything and your happy enjoy it.
But I won't pay for issues that shouldn't be there.

Had my previous u2311h been consistant and good quality I would have kept it, it started out good but soon developed purplish luminous vertical band or two
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