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First post has been edited with these event details.

The event is October 1st 2011
Location is Gamers Vault, 4986 Queen Mary
Event will run from 10am to 10pm
Main feature of the event will be a Starcraft II Tournament with a ~$2000 PC as the main prize :)
The event will be held at a local lan center. They will have 30 computers that will be open for any participant to use.
We will have 40 BYOPC seats at the event. (last event we didnít have any BYPOC and still had 65 particpants in the tourney)
Pimp my Rig contest: Nicest computer in BYOPC Area gets a prize (something really nice I promise)
We will have bi-hourly prize giveaways from 11 to 7pm
Also food and drink will be provided for the attendees
Entry cost: only $10 for tournament seat and 5$ for general attendance
Tickets go on sales soon! More details coming soon!
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