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i've just signed up for my 4th year with Acanac. Their service is good and support is actually OK. I've had a few issues with them (which were not their fault) and they sorted out the problem pretty fast. On both occasions, it involved having a Bell engineer check stuff out so I did have to take a day off work...but I guess that would have been the case regardless of the ISP.

Within the 3 years I've been with them, I've also moved apartment. The transition was really simple - basically plug my modem into the new place, give them a call and I was ready to go. My internet speed did slow in my new place but I was told it was more to do with the connection within my apartment. I've checked with my neighbours and they have relatively the same speeds and they are with other providers.

Every so often, I look around for other ISP's to make sure I'm not missing a better deal ( I do this for my cell too) but so far nothing has made me want to move.

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