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My System Specs


Yeah, I guess that's the issue when there's no full line of "guaranteed no whine" parts, and any lemon in the line can cause it. Yes MSI has that little "military grade" gimmick but nothing says army-grade VRM circuits aren't allowed to hum. I'd do the conformal coating trick on my GPU and PSU if the chokes weren't the kind with the metallic cover.


I may have a lot more fun seeing if I can build an inline filter to place between the PSU and GPU (by hacking a PCI-E adaptor) to silence the thing. Both will cost time and effort / money, except the time spent trying multiple RMAs just builds frustration. At least making a Mythbuster-like contraption is fun. (I apologize if I'm getting people to run away or pull out electric circuit theory / applications books right now.)

Band-stop filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Low-pass filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I assume what I'm trying to stop is some ripple occurring at 15-22 kHz (given the audible pitch of the noise)? My key that a buffer will help is that the ripple is sent between the PSU and GPU.

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