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My System Specs


Funny, the beta's of these were released about a week ago. They must have put them in for WHQL cert at the same time.

Of note in the 280 series, they changed the power saving technology in these drivers and made them dynamic;

With the Release 280 drivers, NVIDIA GPU clock speeds will increase more quickly in
response to increased graphics demands. Conversely, with lower graphics use the GPU
clock speed slows down more quickly, conserving as much power as possible.
You may notice the fluctuation in clock speeds while engaging in various tasks on the PC.
This is to be expected, and indicates that the GPU performance mode is adjusting as
needed and that the GPU is operating at the optimal performance level at all times. It
does not hurt the life of the GPU. If you wish to force the GPU into maximum
performance mode, open the NVIDIA Control Panel, click 3D Settings‐>Manage 3D
Settings then set the Power Management mode setting to Prefer maximum performance
I'd be interested to see if this has any effect on FPS and/or power savings. Sky, care to elaborate and bench these for us? ;)
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