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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Phatboy69 View Post
That's how im currently doing it now. The 2nd PSU is hotwired. But i still dont have enough powah! The 12v rails on my 2x 1200W supplies vary between 18Amp and 28Amp and I need minimum 30Amp 12v across 6 rails for the GTX580s and CPU at decent overclock. Thats why im going for the 30A x 6 Enermax. I may need to do a 2nd one too, but thats ok because the case is setup to take 2 PSUs.

Wouldn't you be better off with a single rail system? Something like the Corsair AX1200? Well in your case two of them? I know I can run my two 580s off of my AX850 so you should easily be able to do two cards onto each psu and not be worrying about the amps on your 12v.
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