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My System Specs


Perry C you can give this a try before a re-install, it is working 24/7 for me.

If you are doing a quad core cpu plus a 2 core gpu or quad core cpu plus 2 x 1 core gpu set ups you should see three slots. If you have crossfire enabled it may not work on dual GPU cards and you will only see 1 gpu but you can still fold on it.
Select expert in the selection tab; far right ;top row on the main interface page.
Then select configure,Once in the configure interface select Slots.
1 smp 2 gpu slots
Select your first gpu slot and hit edit under gpu id there should be a -1 ; In the extra slot options you should have NAME client-type VALUE advanced to get fah_16 work. If it isnt there add it or you will only recieve fah_11 work.
Repeat for the second gpu slot or further if you have more gpus.
I also added the NAME next-unit-percentage VALUE 90 so the slots would try to get another task at 90 percent of completion.
In order to keep the gpu's not hogging the cpu, run that WinAFC program and give a cpu core to each one of the gpu cores, the remaining cpu cores will do smp work. Good Luck.
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