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My System Specs


Heh, so that CoolerMaster may not be a kills-components unit, but it surely is an inefficient one - compared to my Seasonic I'm seeing 10-20W more out of the wall to feed it.
[end ot]

Anyway as noted above, I tried the CoolerMaster PSU. It was hard to listen with the Seasonic because it was in my case, but I have my CoolerMaster hooked up outside the case. When folding on the CoolerMaster, I hear the whine from the GPU and the PSU. It's in fact the same whine at least subjectively - I don't exactly have the resources of my school's research lab here. Also, with the PSU whining to the same tone as the GPU, I can hear it while the computer is idle. If I fold GPU + CPU on the CoolerMaster, the whining sound stays at about the same volume but changes tone ever so slightly, compared to the sound getting softer on the SeaSonic. Folding with CPU only doesn't result in any whine - this is the same for both CoolerMaster and Seasonic.

EDIT: I tried again with the Seasonic by listening near the exhaust of the PSU. Here's my result:
  • Folding GPU only: PSU and GPU area have an audible whine
  • Folding SMP + GPU: PSU's whine is now so soft it is drowned by its own fan, GPU area whine is still noticeable
So part of the reason the whining is lessened by SMP folding seems to be that the PSU's whine gets quieter (with the Seasonic, not the CoolerMaster).
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