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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
if you dont render 2500k,and if you game at that rez 6950 for gpu.

(very) expensive case and overkill psu for single gpu though :)
Hahaha, I was expecting someone to comment about the case, but I didn't expect such a quick comment. :P Yeah, I just figured that I would go and get my dream case as I had a considerable amount left to spend after adding up my other components.

Actually, the (x2) means that I intended to use 2 460s and SLI. Would the power still be overkill for that? I know very little about choosing power units, I'm afraid.

Thanks for the quick response, you two. :) I think I'll switch to the i5, but now I'm not so sure about my choice of video cards. Is the 500 series significantly better than the GTX460 for gaming? Is the GTX460 getting old already?

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