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My System Specs


If your system can handle it aka no cpu bottleneck, sufficient psu, good case/cooling, then always go for 2 lesser cards. Same reasons as Phill listed, you will get so much more performance for less money than going for 1 higher end card. SLI/x-fire scalability have improved so much in recent generations that it is totally worth it now. Before, sli/xfire was questionable in terms of value because scalability was 50-70%, with 70% being an ideal situation. Now, for almost every game, you see a 90% scaling and often times even 100% with xfire/sli setups.

Look at this this way, an ati 6870 is around 180$ while a single 6970 is ~330$, for almost the same price, the 6870 x2 obliterates the 6970 to no end. On the Nvidia end, you will see the same thing, 560ti @ 240$ vs a single 580 at 460$, the sli 560ti would smash the 580.
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