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My System Specs


Well, I just bought a DX about a month ago, and it's outstanding. The virtual surround isn't all that great for music, but for gaming I've been absolutely blown away by it. To give you an idea of the detail it provides, using it in Borderlands, I can hear my expended shells hit the ground and tell you what direction they roll away. And in Black Ops, if someone fires a rocket my direction, I can actually hear it fly by my head. And if I'm being shot at, I can tell what direction the shooter is from me, as well as hear where his bullets are landing if it's close by and he's hitting a wall or the ground.

To be clear I'm getting this experience using a Razer Carcharias headset, which is only stereo.

*edit* Here's a review to read through if you're interested. It's a bit outdated, but gets the point across.

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