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Thanks, well here's a follow-up w/ memtest:

- With both sticks, the errors added up to ALMOST ONE MILLION! Are you serious, Mushkin??
- I took out one stick (#1), but kept getting the same "Bios Checksum" error boot-up on the other stick (#2)

- So I took out that stick, put in the other. Windows booted and checked for errors. It went a bit longer this time, but still stalled at the end: "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically"
- I ran memtest on this stick (#1) and no errors were found.
- I ran memtest again on this stick (#1) in the other slot. No errors were found.
- I now tried to boot up with just this stick . . Windows went to splashscreen, but then rebooted after 5 seconds. Same thing over and over.

- Now I ran memtest with just the other stick (#2) and it wouldn't even load memtest. Got stuck on "Bios Checksum" bootup
- I ran memtest on the other stick (#2) on the other slot, still got stuck.
- I put back error-free stick (#1) and system now boots, but still resets at splashscreen.

So it's strange, looks like one stick is bad. But good stick still won't boot the computer. So could it be that both RAM and motherboard are messed up?
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