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well not drunk, we just down a set number of beers,nothing hard like liquor or such.

afterwards we get to building. its gonna be all air cooling from now on,and stock at that.

me bud tied only one screw in the mobo,he got it to post once,then he nudged the pc and off

it crossed the river :D

hard to get ppl together at the same time though. the build can be anything. brand new components or used,

like your old pc that you took down before getting there.

theres a couple firsts,like the first to go on the net, or the first to finish the physical building(no boot,but in one piece)

first to boot and so on. get all of those right,and you get the grand prize, which can be anything lol. i came with a few

wireless adapters and some small stuff like that and tru them in the 'prizes bin'.

we could organize something like that with members of the forums here.
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