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Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
Just curious... what's a 6850 going to do for you that crossfire 5770's can't? I'm pretty sure that would be a downgrade. And the BIOS flash thing is only for the 6950 I believe. I've never heard of it done on the 68xx series. (Although I could be wrong) Just want to make sure you don't get the 68xx series and 69xx series mixed up, as they are VERY different beasts.
I assume power, heat, fan noise, maybe the possibility of adding a second down the road. Dealing with multiple graphics cards as well, although my experience with crossfire has been positive apart from one game that had a problem with 2 bridges connected (whoops silly me :P). He may also want to sell them before they depreciate in value too much more.

About the flashing, although it doesn't unlock shaders, it does increase the voltage, clocks, change fan speed and allow for higher clocks in CCC.
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