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Thanks, I did manage to upgrade to the latest bios by putting it on the USB key. Confirmed it was the latest, but still had the same problem. I notice several reviewers on Newegg had similar problems, I'm starting to wonder if I should've spent $30 more for a better motherboard . . it was the one I researched least and just heard Asus was the best and chose the lowest priced one that still supports PATA. Now I notice Gigabyte's actually the one at the top of the list . .

BUT I just started a memtest, and the number of errors is up to 3429 after a few minutes. It's been an hour now, think the counter has stopped. But I wonder if it's really a bad motherboard, or bad RAM . . or both? (EDIT: Should not that there are zero "ECC errs" if that makes a difference)

(EDIT 2: Wow, now up to 4864 after 1h15!)

Anyway, as dangtx suggested, I'll try removing and switching rams next once this memtest is done.

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