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Originally Posted by MrHydes View Post
I belive this happens mostly because AMD it's not delivering some decent competiton over SNB

So why even bother with Ivy Hardcore performance when almost All Core2Q 9***, and Corei5 7**, 8**, 9** outperforms almost all AMD based corelogic. Sandy Bridge should be at the moment what Core2 Duo
Wolfdale was back in 2007/08.

Amd Bulldozer will be a flop becasue of it's Slow IPC
If either the manufacturing or market isn't yet ready for the new CPUs, why should Intel quicken the pace of putting the new chips to market? That costs money. It's best to ride out the circumstances as long as possible.

Intel simply has the time and technology in reserve if it needs it. They're not going to push until they need to.
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