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My System Specs


Picked up my H100 on Friday and got a chance to install it yesterday.
It's a pretty solid cooler, does a good job of keeping my 2600k@4.5GHz under 60C after 12 hrs of Prime95. I can't comment on the noise levels as my 650D's included fan controller decided to die on me, so all my case and GPU fans are running full tilt and drown out the H100.

Now with regards to the H100 installation, I do have some complaints, the included mounting bracket is pretty crap. There are no grooves to move the actual mounting bolt to support the different sockets. So essentially you're sliding it while trying to place it behind the motherboard and line up all the holes. It's a good thing the 650D has an opening for the backplate, otherwise, it would be an even worse process. Also, I found the mounting posts that secure into the plate to be a little loose, no matter how tight I screwed them in (by hand). Once the cooler itself was secured to the backplate, they seemed to be more rigid, but I'm still not too pleased with this. I also found the hoses to be a little too stiff and not as flexible as I'd like, but this could also mean that they'll last longer and won't leak. Last complaint I have is that the molex cable is far too short, making cable management tougher than before with my 212+.

Overall though, I'm quite pleased with the cooler, it's pretty clean looking and it's nice not having this monstrous block of a heatsink on my CPU anymore. This also means I can now go to 16GB (which I bought at the same time), so I'm pretty set from a memory stand point with this rig now.
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