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Default Computer upgrade gone bad - Bad Bios Checksum

Since NCIX is closed till Monday, thought I'd ask around before I start making calls and RMAs.

First off, thanks again everyone for the advice on my semi-new build! Long story short, my PSU fried my motherboard a few weeks ago, so I decided to build a new computer but keep a few old parts. Here's what I went with:

NEW: AMD X3 450, Asus M4A78LT-M LE, 4gb Mushkin Silverline ram, Apex TX-381 case
OLD: WD 250gb sata harddrive, two pata DVD writers, Windows 7 32bit

One of the main reasons I kept the computer simple was that this was my very first build, I had no clue what I was doing and watched a ton of videos. I think I did get it mostly right, as the computer did boot fine . .

. . but then I kept getting this error on start-up:
"Boot Block . . Bad Bios Checksum. Starting Bios recovery . ."

I put the driver DVD in, it erased, reprogrammed the bios, I restarted and happened again. Randomly, I'll get the splash screen, where I'd load and save default and also managed to update the bios but same thing.

Sometimes, I do get the Windows booting screen, but it'll either reset after a few seconds or it'll start repairing itself, quickly leading to a BSOD or a "StartRep.exe Application Error. The instruction at 0x75 . . referenced memory at 0x04 . . The memory could not be read."

Of course, I googled everyone for a solution, but doesn't seem to be much consensus. Some say it may be a PSU issue . . I'm currently using the one that came with the case (300W), will be getting a quality 550W one in a few days. But Power Supply Calculator said I'm only using around 250W at max. Hmm . .
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