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That's a point well taken. And while the HS1As seem like a screaming deal at ~$50+tax shipped, they do have some shortcommings in the sound department from what I've read.

I'm leaning towards one of the following:

Steelseries 7H USB

Shure SRH440 + Zalman Clip-on or Razer Carcharias
Asus Xonar U3

Note that I feel that I need Dolby Headphone or some equivalent as I do a fair amount of gaming, and positional audio is important to me, thus onboard audio won't cut it on those grounds alone.

In terms of pricing that I can find, it looks like the Steelseries would weigh in at $130+tax, the Shure at between $140 and $150 + tax (including ~$35 for xonar and ~$10 for mic), and the Carcharias at between $100 and $115 + tax (including ~$35 for xonar).
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