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I doent thing going to a 6950 from a 5850 is a upgrade . Your limiting factor is the asus motherboard with the Foxcomm socket. I was running a Sabertooth 55i untill the socket melted with a i5 750 @4.4Ghz at only 1.375V dead and RMA refused so Im running a EVGA SLI mobo now(Tyco socket). BFBC2 I get 162 fps 1920X1200 8XAA 16XAF HBOA(or what ever it is) on with pair of 5850 Xtreme ($338 CAD) 900/5000. I would hold on and OC the CPU to at least 4Ghz you should be able to do that at close to default voltages mine will do 4ghz @1.3v 200BCLK X 20 multiplier. AMD has new vid cards on the way in the 4th quarter of this year. They are only a die shrink and refined but worth the wait.
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