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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
You can setup specific applications to open on specific Spaces. And all I need to do to switch between them is just the application in the dock, and it brings the focus to that Space I haven't used Expose once since I started using Spaces properly. Also eliminates the need for multiple monitors. Spaces sucks unless you can set the application to always use that Space though, which is what Apple butchered in Lion.

Mail has its own Space, VNC has its one Space, iTunes has its own space. The three applications I use that require the most desktop real estate. Then I have Firefox, Adium, and pretty much all other applications set to the first Space.
Not sure what VNC is but all Mac apps have can use the Full Screen so you don't need to assign iTunes or Mail to it's own space.. as soon as you go into Full Screen mode it dedicates it's own space for it.

I'm liking Lion a lot so far, I think the new trackpad gestures are great and the minor UI improvements are refreshing. I thought Mission Control and Launchpad were the stupidest things ever when they announced them but now I'm using them every day.. I'm also using Spaces as well which I never liked prior to Lion. Not sure how much benefit someone without a trackpad would see though.
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