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My System Specs


If you're waiting for Bulldozer, you should be OK if you get a cooler that's also compatible with AM3 / AM3+. If you pick out a cooler that is compatible with a current AM3+ motherboard, then you can upgrade to Bulldozer and keep your cooler. Intel? I doubt it after seeing coolers have to change brackets for 775, 1156, and 1366.

MSI AM3+ CPU Support

As for the CPU, are you bottlenecked in anything you do with your computer? I was, which is why I changed from a Phenom 9950 (which was only slightly overclocked because Phenom 1 was not a good clocker) to a Core i5 2500k. However as a victim of the Cougar Point chipset recall, I'll also remind you that if you get a Sandy Bridge platform now, you get a little bit of peace of mind given that the P67 has been around for over half a year in the market. If you get a Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge E on release day, you may need to go through a few iterations of driver and BIOS updates for strange little bugs.
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