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My System Specs


haha ya when i removed the fan on that rad and saw all that dust (2 years worth) almost had a heart attack looks like something crawled in there and died lol.

But ya you cant compare the 2 cases the 650D ownes it in every aspect, extremely happy with it.

Temp wise my old alienware 2 days ago with that gunked up rad lol idle at 55 ish, playing world of warcraft would go all the way to 68c i had to take off the side panel and put a huge fan blowing into it lol. when i ran prime it would just climb and climb remember it got bit over 80c so i stopped prime

now with the 650D using phobya 200mm rad idle is very low 30's prime is topping out at 57c.

I also have a RS240 on the inside roof but like i said the rotary fitting was faulty waiting for the new one and my gtx 570 and waterblock
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