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Nope. This has absolutely nadda to do with NCIX but a spat between HardOCP and an advertiser is really nothing new. No, this has to do with some odd hate Kyle has for HWC itself.

Months ago Kyle began blocking links to HWC supposedly due to us not respecting NDAs. It was surprising since we mistakenly jumped the gun on only two articles (Z68 mobo launch and GTX 570 review) due to a reoccurring system screw up but no other explanation was forthcoming. Heck, I even searched back through my thousands of posts to see if I happened to have said something to offend his delicate sensibilities but couldn't find anything.

So, after months and months of us waiting for him to begin allowing links to HWC on his site without a change, we really have no choice at this point. Once linkbacks are allowed on H again, I have absolutely no problem opening up our own linkbacks but at this point, it can't be a one-way street.
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