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Default Upgraded PC

Hey so im upgrading my pc atm, started out as an Alienware Area-51 ALX. Couldnt stand the alienware chassis so small, hard to work with and a heat box. So thats the first thing I replaced got a new Corsair 650D. have to say its an amazing case. Next I ordered bunch of watercooling parts from dazmode, a 200mm phoyba rad from Aquatuning and a Dangerden monsoon res. Ive Never Put a whole pc together
before let alone a watercooling loop. I want to say I knew most of the aspects of building a pc, but near nothing in watercooling. So for the past month ive been reasearching/learning as much as I could have to thank Dazmode for all his youtube watercooling tutorials and this forum.

It was really nerve racking my hands were shaking before I stared lol. So I had a drink and then I started lol.

I began at 11pm last night finished at 4am. Since im here typing this I was successful didnt brake anything lol. but there were problems and hiccups on the way but I prevailed in the end!

The biggest problem I had was one leak on a bitspower 45 rotary compression connected to a rs240 on the top of the 650d leading to another bitspower 45 rotary on the CPU block. I was over confident in thinking I couldnt screw up attaching a tube to a compression fitting so I didnt leak test bad idea. so I started to fill the monsoon res with feser uv blue liquid and proceeded to bleed the loop everything was going perfect but then i noticed a glowing puddle on my GPU coming from a small leak from that top 45 rotary if it wasnt for my uv lights i might not have a working gpu LOL. I never considered a leak coming from a faulty fitting. and yes there was no side pressure from the tube on the rotary it was just faulty. so take it from me always leak test lmao. so I ran the pc to the bathroom drained and redid the loop atm im running pump/bay res -> Koolance 370->phoyba front 200mm rad -> pump/bay res. my rs240 top rad is just sitting there need to order a new fitting should have ordered extras. anyway i dont need my rs240 working right now anyway untill my gtx 570 arrives, atm cpu temp on the 200mm rad in prime wont go over 49c idle is 29-34 c

The build isnt FULLY completed yet still need a couple things ordering a gtx 570 and a waterblock. just found a buyer for my old gtx 280's yesterday. And some miscellaneous items fan controller, new dvd drive. dazmodes new UV darkside single braided cables etc.

If you have any suggestions for me would appreciate it.

And now for the best part the pics!!!

Before Pics
Alienware Area-51 ALX

o and i found out why my cpu temps were a little high on my alienwares custom built (h70 look alike) unit. prepare your self actually i dont think anything can prepare you for this lmfao

I cleaned my old alienware case and that rad for an hour its super shiny now lol I reassembled it but i dont know yet what im gonna do with it

Now for my new corsair 650D

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