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Default Headphone/Headset advice requested

So my old microphone solution (a cheapass logitech behind the head headset) has bit the dust, and I'm looking for a replacement...

But not simply a direct replacement.

I've got a decent? set of 5.1 speakers for my desktop, so I'd be OK with just a microphone to replace, I've seen people mentioning a Zalman clip-on which sounds like it would do the job.

However, I'm going to be going on a fairly long business trip soon, and if I go that route, I'd be stuck with my laptop's crappy speakers, which I'd rather avoid.

For what it's worth, my desktop has ALC899 onboard audio (GA-P67-UD7-B3) and my laptop has ALC262 onboard audio (Fujitsu T4220).

An option that could potentially work would be a USB sound card like a Xonar U3 to use with my laptop and? desktop so I don't need to go to a USB headset/headphones.

I've read a number of threads and seen the HS1, the HS1A, the Carcharias, the G35, the 7H, the HD555, and many more. Sufficing to say, I'm a bit lost.

Usage would be, while home, games and movies, while away, movies and some basic games (gotta love Intel onboard graphics).

So, with a preferred budget of less than $100 CAD, but a willingness to go to $150 if the increase is really worth it, what would you guys recommend?
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