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True. My thinking though is that the 580 won't come down much in price until the next cycle. He'll take less of a hit on the 570's or a 570, which will play anything at his 1080p settings, than the 580's if TSMC actually is on track, which given they don't have a great record of being but you'd think they'd get it right atleast once, and he'll also have $300(sli 570 vs 580) more in his pocket to fund that if that temptation hits, even though either setup should last a couple years.

Nvm Maximum PC just announce Kepler is delayed till 2012. Anyways I still think it's something to consider. I'd say if you plan on keeping them for a couple years atleast look at 580's, if you are thinking you might want to upgrade once kepler comes out I'd say 570's or maybe even 560 TI's.
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