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Originally Posted by Teal3800 View Post
I love people that say this. Unless you are going to buy a second card in the next 3 to 6 months, even then I just read an article that nvidia is promising it's next cylce before end of year, don't consider this an option, people always say it but once the next cycle of cards come out very few ever recommend getting a second card, because "if you go with the newer single card it gives you an upgrade path down the road where you are at a dead end if you get the second card", even if it costs significantly more and gives you less of a gain than adding the second card.

I haven't been happy with an ati/amd video card since my 9800 pro and see far more complaints about crossfire than sli. So I'd say if you beleive nvidia that the next cycle will be out in the next couple of months and that you will be wanting to go with that once it's out, buy one 570 then sell it and upgrade to the next cycle and look at sli then. If your sure you will be able to resist temptation when the new cylce comes out then go with 570 sli.
But let us be honest for a second here,
Look at the release date fiasco's that have happened in the past. Look at where the Fab plants stand on their manufacturing process. I highly doubt we will see something so soon like Kepler. It is a valid option.
We really don't know if TSMC has their stuff together on this 28nm yet or not and I haven't seen any real leaks so...

Getting a 580 now, and then say a second one in a few months is very vaild.


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