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Hey, I am wondering about having 2 LED monitors for my sides, but a regular LCD for my middle screen.

More specifically this is my LCD:

and this is the LED I want to purchase:

Though the LCD version has a decent viewing angle, it is not the best though, could the LED's help with this? Would the two LED's look weird, or would it be alright? I understand that they are compatible, but I have not seen an LED monitor in person, so I really don't know if it would look whacky with the two LEDs on the side.

Also, I would purchase two more G2222HDH's from eBay, as there is a seller with a few in stock, but at $155 ($130 +$25 S/H) per monitor seems ridiculous. Another thing I like about NCIX is that they have an "Zero dead pixel" guarantee, which is only $13 for two monitors.
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