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My System Specs


The 550ti so long as its not a vanilla is actually really good.
I got the 550ti Direct CU for my friends build and he does very well actually on his 1080 Monitor. As well it isn't as power hungry as the 460's and runs cooler.
So if you really want to you can, just get a OC'd one.


Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Thanks for the advice!

No loving for the GTX 550? I assume it's because it's slaughtered by the GTX 460s that still occupy that price range and are not that much more power hungry: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB Review

@Arinoth: Hehe I've been eyeing that BST deal, but for some reason I can't get myself into the practice of trading privately for anything including computer hardware.
@Soul & supaflyx3: I'll have to see if there's some random feature I'll be missing out on if I get a 560 vanilla vs. a 460 1GB non-SE other than the ~10-20% loss of performance per watt, given that there's a 0.5 generation difference between them. From the reviews it seems that both can keep their thermals and noise in check.

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