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Originally Posted by Para_Franck View Post
Here it is: should I Xfire my baby, or not? I was thinking a second HIS 3850 IceQ3 Turbo would be nice or a 3870 Turbo (To have a nice clean set-up) I will be gaming a lot more this summer, so It could be interesting to have video crunching power.

I have read that the X2's are not potent enough to maximize X-fire, is that true?

I run a 5600+ at 3,25 Ghz on a DFI 790FX Mobo. I have 2 gig of Corsair XMS2 ddr2-800 4-4-4-12. I also run win XP. I am considering Win Vista, but I am still not sure.

So Would X-fire be a good solution for my setup? If so, would I be better with a second 3850 Turbo, or a 3870 Turbo, or should I wait for the 48xx series that are due to roll out in a few weeks?


The X2s seem to perform on par with 2 of the same card. I know i just CFed 2 3850s and I love them! I'd say go for it man.
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