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My System Specs


I got one of the DIYINHK 18W white PCB kits and required all the surface mount resistors and caps to be soldered on and wow, did that suck. Got it all done on the one side and had the last little one to put on the other and PEW! shoots off the end of my tweezers into oblivion....

Found the part online but it is a $0.026 part and it is $8 shipping :(

I will have to hit a few electronics suppliers next time I go into the city and see if I can scrape one up. Sucks because I am not even sure it works

Would be nice to work cuz I have a vintage DDC2 that I killed RPM monitoring by sending voltage up the wire by accident. Also having more power than a DDC2 is appealing to me

Funny thing the DDC2 was considered unreliable... I have 4 still running and the oldest is from '06 and they have been running hard most of the time.

Did you ever get any of your pumps working LF?
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