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I got mine yesterday, and with some modifications got it into my case... I have 4 Noctua fans in a push pull setup on the front of my p180 case(had to remove top 5.25" and drive bay and the cage shelf thing in the middle). I had a H50 before with two Noctuas in a push pull and this drops my 1090T @4ghz by about 15C from what I can see running wprime is 37C now. Running Civ 5 I don't go above 30C late game. I am not using the built in fan header right now because of cable management and the Noctua's are quite. For a lazy cooling loop I am quite happy with the unit. My only grip is they could have kept the length of the rad down by eliminating the one end sticking out so much, I could have kept my CD drive bay had they done that.
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