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I purchased a vaio sa about 2 weeks ago.

Sony makes the only 13 inch laptop with a resolution higher than 720p that I could find. I think its personal taste but myself I can't stand the 1366x768 all the icons look gigantic and there is little desktop space. Unfortunetly the vaio s series doesn't have the same screens as the Z series which are far superior but I couldn't afford the z either. The SA also has the fingerprint reader which you might think is pointless but its kind of nice and quicker than typing in passwords.

I like the laptops small profile and backlight on the keyboard. I dislike the key placements I am still getting used to the left shift button being much smaller.

I got the SA with the 1600x900 screen from the site and payed 1299.99 after using cupon code sonyvip.

I believe that with everything I buy there is only one perfect choice that gives me the best options I can afford and in this case I felt it was the vaio sa. No regrets so far.
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