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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
thats the dual bios trying to kick in

unless you are referring to windows rebooting?

if its the bios, then pull the plug.

power button a few times.

plug the plug back in and wait

nothing happens?

push power button once and wait,itll go tru some weird reboots till the second bios

does the first bios a new one.

else, pull it out the case and start swapping parts.

ive built an army of i3's,lots with giga,asus..etc.

were you on the ups/power bar when it happened? :)

Nothing happening yet...

Also, don't really have any parts to swap, but I mean it's not even making POST so what else could it be?

And yes, I was on a power bar, why? (It's never given me ANY trouble, if that is what you were thinking.)
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