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Default i3 560 4.13Ghz stable, help?

Well guys, today I just installed the i3 560 and Noctua NH-D14, and I wanted to overclock a little, which is something I never did before..
On stock speeds, on full load, temps didn't go higher than 42C, if it even reached 43C it would just go back to 40C, then back to 42C and so on, pretty good I guess for a 5 hour full load..
So I went into the bios and really didn't know what to do lol, I went by guessing and did this:

basically I turned the everything on auto, but reduced the RAM to 1066Mhz (from 1333Mhz), and now with the OC it's back on 1333Mhz or a little lower (I guess this way I won't have too much to worry about the RAM, right?) and I also turned the Bus Speed to 165.. (it was 130 or 135 on stock) now looking at some screenshots online, a guy had 180 Bus Speed and 2800Mhz QPI Link, while my QPI Link is 3637Mhz.. is it too much? Did I do something wrong? I also left the voltage on auto, which is 1.288V, is that too much, or too low? Also, I ran a 3 hour test with this OC setting and the max temp I got was 49C or 50C.. if somebody can clear it up for me it would be great, thanks guys!

Intel i3 560
Noctua NH-D14
8GB 1333Mhz Kingston RAM
CoolerMaster 500W SilentPro 80Plus)

UPDATE: After 2 hours of Prime95 and 2 runs of 3D Mark 11 the max temp I reached was 55C..
(To me it's impressive, I was used to the i3 530 on stock cooler which was regurarly on 50-51C in full load, at 2.93Ghz, and now I'm getting pretty much the same temps, but on a 4.15Ghz overclock)
Should I keep going with the OC?
UPDATE2: Now running only Prime95, 50C max temperature

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