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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
we're talking 12v watts here, so look up a review or specs of a good psu like corsair,seasonic, antec...and then get it

if you are sure about a second card, long term its cheaper to get an 850 now then a 600 now and an 850 later.

edit : that xeon is priced nicely, so if you dont oc itll be a killer for the casho, but not all boards take em i hear
I totally agree here. First time for everything :p

If you are going to SLI the GTX 460 later i'd just go with the Thermaltake XT 775 now.

Like was posted, the PSU only uses the wattage the system needs at any given time. So at idle it's only pulling a few watts. All PSU are most efficient between 45%-60% of their rated wattage. They will last longer and create less heat (waste less electricity) when in this range.

The barebones min wattage for your rig is like 350watts, but virtually no PSU could sustain 100% draw for any period of time. That's why the GTX 460 says 450 watts required
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