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When you overclocked your CPU to 3.7GHz, did you get there by just the CPU multiplier (i.e. using 16.5 multi) or did you raise the FSB? When you raise the FSB, your RAM speed will increase aswell since they are linked. So, if you have your RAM divider set to DDR3-1600 in the BIOS, raising the FSB will push your RAM past 1600MHz which may lead to the BSODs if your RAM can't handle the increased speed.

Also, agreed with Prolab too...I used to run a 955BE (C2) on the CH4 board and I had alot of difficulty getting past 3.8ish. If your 955BE is the newer C3 revision, you should be able to get past 3.7GHz, though. The C3 chips are pretty good clockers for the AMD side.
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